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TextReviews.comTM - Automated process gives editors more control

Welcome to a new era in textbook publishing. TextReviews.comTM is a unique, pioneering service that brings the ease and accuracy of automation to the textbook editorial review process. With the TextReviews online solution, publishers can reduce time and costs and realize dramatic improvements in overall textbook quality and marketability.

Now, the entire review process - from reviewer recruitment to survey distribution to results collation and even honoraria distribution - can be managed entirely online. Simple, intuitive forms make the process incredibly easy. And editors will experience an unprecedented level of control in the ability to organize and analyze results.

With the TextReviews solution, editors can:

  • Set up reviews with simple forms
  • Track reviewer progress accurately, automatically
  • Analyze high-quality, graphical reports
  • Cut review turn-around time in half

More reviewers drives higher quality textbooks

Reviewers find it incredibly simple to submit their feedback via the TextReviews online system. In fact, we've actually received our own rave reviews: "I thoroughly enjoyed the process" and "I loved it! The process was clear, easy, and quite quick." Making it easier and more convenient for reviewers to participate results in more reviewer responses.

Plus, because the Text Reviews solution virtually eliminates paper-based administrative tasks, editors can recruit and manage many more reviewers per textbook. So you'll get more responses - and more comprehensive reviews - in less time than ever before.

Measurable results makes it easier to identify the most popular subject matter and more precisely define textbook content. And with more organized, easier-to-analyze feedback, textbook authors can be more responsive and productive.
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Cost-efficient TextReviews lowers editorial costs and reduces time-to-market

The TextReviews service was designed to fit seamlessly with your editorial process - think of it as an online mirror of your current methods and procedures. Because results can be collated faster and analyzed graphically, overall editorial costs can be reduced, ensuring that textbook development is on schedule and on budget. And, most importantly, TextReviews helps you deliver the right textbook content to ensure you maintain your current markets and more efficiently develop new ones.
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