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TextReviews.comTM - automates the entire textbook editorial review cycle

Recruit and manage reviewers

The success of each textbook review depends upon recruiting the most targeted reviewers, getting timely, comprehensive feedback, and maintaining ongoing reviewer relationships. More reviewers leads to more conclusive content evaluations and editorial decisions, and that translates to a more targeted textbook and increased product adoption and sales. TextReviews gives you the tools to ensure that your authors and editors are receiving the highest-quality, most relevant information.

  • Reviewer names and contact information can be entered manually or quickly imported from an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Via automated e-mail, invitations can be sent soliciting reviewers to participate, instructions can be distributed, reminder notices and thank-you notes can be generated.
  • The forms required to process honoraria payments can be managed online.

Easy review set-up and management

With the automated TextReviews solution, editors can spend less time on the manual aspects of the review process. Editors have complete flexibility in creating the structure and content of each review. Questions can be entered manually with simple forms, or imported and edited. Even easier, just send us a Word document with your review questions and we’ll upload them for you! You can choose to manage a complete review via the TextReviews process, or just use the system for reviewer responses and analysis.

  • Questions can appear in one or several sections and can be re-arranged at any time. Plus, questions can be structured in a variety of formats: yes/no, multiple-choice, check-box, etc. Editors can ask multiple, easily-quantifiable questions for more reliable analysis or allow longer, textual responses. And they can quickly choose and use questions or groups of questions from past reviews.
  • Review materials such as book proposals, TOCs, and sample chapters can be uploaded to our secure server and included in the review presentation. We can even incorporate multimedia content such as movies or include links to other web sites that you want reviewers to view before they respond to questions.
  • Reviews can be archived online – and you can download them to your own system at any time.
  • Step-by-step Help guides are available to assist editors in managing each step of the process.
  • Complete confidentiality is ensured at every stage, including identity-based site access requiring password authentication plus private data warehousing for each review.

Automatically generated graphical reports clarify analyses, help shorten review cycles

The most powerful feature of the TextReviews web application is the ability to have real-time access to review status and to analyze collated results with a range of standard graphical reports, including by individual reviewers, by review summary, or by demographic breakdown. Editors can also group and summarize responses by chapter, or question. They can view regional differences, or results by size of school, or even years of each reviewer’s teaching experience. With TextReviews, you can parse and cross-tabulate data in any way most relevant to your objectives. Reports can be downloaded directly into a Word document for convenient offline analysis.

Clearly defined analyses and reports give editors, authors, and publishers a better understanding of customer needs, making it more efficient to define optimum textbook content and reduce the time required for the overall review cycle.

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